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Company introduction

Company introduction

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Description:  江阴华东机械有限公司坐落于江苏省江阴市国家高新园区内,创建于2000年6月,是一家专门从事输送机械设备研发与制造的民营股份制企业,旗下江苏艾尔伯特重工有限公司专业从事空冷器的研究开发与制造,江苏绿锦环保设备有限公司专业从事环保设备的研发和制造,是高新技术企业、国内行业骨干企业。   公司占地面积五万平米,固定资产2.5亿元,现有员工260 人。工程技术人员38人,具有高、中级技术职称20人;企
Description:  江阴华东机械有限公司坐落于江苏省江阴市国家高新园区内,创建于2000年6月,是一家专门从事输送机械设备研发与制造的民营股份制企业,旗下江苏艾尔伯特重工有限公司专业从事空冷器的研究开发与制造,江苏绿锦环保设备有限公司专业从事环保设备的研发和制造,是高新技术企业、国内行业骨干企业。   公司占地面积五万平米,固定资产2.5亿元,现有员工260 人。工程技术人员38人,具有高、中级技术职称20人;企
HUADONG ENTERPRISE is located in the national high-tech zone in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province, which was founded in June, 2000 and is a private share company specializing in the R&D and manufacture of conveying machinery equipment. It's subsidiary, Jiangsu Albert Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., professionally engages in the R&D and manufacture of air coolers, and another subsidiary, Jiangsu LvJin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., professionally engages in the R&D and manufacture of environmental protection equipment. Anyway, Jiangyin Huadong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise and a key enterprise in the same industry of China.
Our company covers an area of 50,000m2 and owns fixed assets of RMB250 million. It has 260 employees and 38 engineering and technical staffs.
Our main products include TD75, DTII, DTII(A), DX and other types of series belt conveyors; DJ series corrugated sidewall belt conveyors; GD series pipe belt conveyors; long-distance curve belt conveyors and U-type belt conveyors. Our products are widely used in port, chemical, underground, coal, metallurgy, electric power, building material and other industries.
The company has strong technical force and advanced technology assembly. Besides traditional processing equipments, the company owns domestic first-class pulley and roller production lines. We have obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification.
With government’s support, we set up High-Lift Conveyor Engineering Research Center and build extensive technical exchange and cooperation with some domestic universities and foreign technology institutes.
Quality creates brilliance, design highlights strength. Over the years, the company has built a good image and won wide praises from customers in conveyor industry by relying on high-quality products and excellent services.


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